How Carol’s Club Works

Carol’s Club Members have 24/7 access to the ClubHouse where Social Stories and related articles, resources, and materials, called projects, are stored. My name is Carol Gray, and I am the sole author of Carol’s Club, with occasional contributions from my colleague and friend in the United Kingdom, Dr. Sioban Timmins.

Carol’s Club opened in October of 2017 with paid subscriptions. Members submitted requests for projects that were posted every other week. Carol’s Club changed its format in February of 2020 with free membership and access to everything in the ClubHouse. Instead of accepting requests, I periodically add new articles and Social Stories to the ClubHouse.

Becoming a member of Carol’s Club is easy! Complete and submit the registration form. You will receive a MailChimp email. Follow directions to join the mailing list that I use to notify members when I add something new to the ClubHouse. Your information and email address will remain confidential.

To thank you for becoming a member, the “Carol’s Club Welcome Packet” awaits you in the ClubHouse (posted October 12, 12017, remember to log in first). It contains a bonus project: “Understanding the Tooth Fairy and Other Similar Traditions – Ideas for Parents and Professionals,” 2. a tour of the Clubhouse (It’s just for fun – to show you around), and 3. the first Clubhouse project, “Social Stories 10.2 Definition on PowerPoint®.”

Welcome to Carol’s Club!