Social Stories 10.4 Webinars

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Social Stories Webinar – Leading to a Completion Certificate

Target Audience

The Social Stories 10.4 online webinar is for any parent, professional, family member, or friend who wants to learn how to write Social Stories right!   Originally developed for toddlers, children, and adults with a diagnosis of autism, Social Stories are increasingly regarded as a instructional tool that is useful with just about anyone!  The webinar may completed on one day, or for shorter segments of time on an agreed upon series of dates.  Participants who attend the entire webinar receive a Social Stories 10.4 Certificate of Completion.


Social Stories™* have been used for over thirty years with people of all ages to help them understand daily interactions and events, and to celebrate positive traits and achievements.  Based on a sound philosophy and relevant practicality, the first Social Stories supported secondary students in vocational experiences in the community.  Today, Social Stories are a respected evidence-based practice that is employed most frequently with individuals diagnosed with social communication disorders or other disabilities, as well as typically developing children.  Each Story addresses a personalized topic via a process and document characteristics that adhere to ten defining criteria that ensure the integrity and safety of the approach.

Using lecture, discussion, and activities, the Social Stories 10.34 webinar covers the entire lifespan.  Webinars that include more case examples from a specific age range are available with advance notice.  Participants will learn the state-of-the-Social-Story-art-and-science and the ten criteria that define what a Social Story is (and what it is not).  In addition to a PowerPoint® handout, each participant will receive a workbook with short one-to-five-minute exercises to apply concepts and practice skills as they are presented.

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* Recognizing that every human experience and perspective is unique and valid, and that social impairments and their solutions are shared, a Social Story accurately describes a personally relevant topic (often a context, skill, achievement, or concept) according to ten defining criteria.  These criteria guide Story research, development, and implementation to ensure an overall patient and supportive quality and a format, voice, content, and learning experience that is descriptive, meaningful, respectful, and physically, socially, and emotionally safe for the Story audience (a child, adolescent, or adult).

Note:   Originally called the Social Story Guidelines, the process of developing a Social Story has been periodically revised and reorganized to keep pace with ongoing research, as well as experience with the approach.  In 2004, The Social Story Guidelines were organized into Social Stories 10.0, ten criteria that clearly defined what is – and what is not – a Social Story.  Nine years later they became Social Stories 10.1, the first major revision and reorganization of Social Stories 10.0, with Social Stories 10.2 released in May of 2014 and Social Stories 10.3 in 2021. This workshop is based on the very new Social Stories 10.4 Criteria (2023).