Social Stories Satellite Schools & Services

Social Stories Satellite Schools & Services


The Social Story Satellite™ Schools and Services program seeks to protect the quality and integrity of Social Stories™ by establishing organizations as Social Story trainers and models in the use of the approach. Each satellite may conduct Social Story workshops to raise funds for their organization. Satellites receive ongoing support and direct consultation with Carol or an assigned Team Social Stories member.


A Social Story Satellite School or Service site may be:

  • a public or private school,
  • a non-profit or private clinic,
  • a chapter of the Autism Society of America or the National Autistic Society (NAS, United Kingdom),
  • any other similar organization.


Each satellite organization contracts with Carol Gray to establish one or more ‘slots’ for resident Social Story Coach(es). A Coach serves as a trainer for Social Story workshops (sponsored by the organization), a consultant to other members within the organization and ‘go-to’ person for help with a Story, and consultant to others conducting Social Story research within the organization. For all of these purposes, the Coach serves as a liaison between the staff of his or her organization and Carol Gray.


Coaches meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of a Social Stories 10.2 workshop led by a Team Social Stories Member (documented by a signed certificate of attendance);
  • Currently is an employee/staff member within the contracting school or organization;
  • Demonstrates of a full understanding of the Social Story 10.2 criteria; and
  • Can provide documentation as an effective speaker (participant reviews/conference summaries of feedback forms).

Coaches are restricted to activities within their organization. For example, an organization may sponsor a Social Story workshop, charge a registration fee, and use a resident Social Story Coach to conduct the workshop. A Coach may not privately contract with other workshop sponsors, or conduct a Social Story workshop on his or her own. If an organization chooses to use their Coach as a consultant for Social Story research, he or she is similarly restricted to work on ‘in house’ projects.

An organization may also designate Carol Gray as a Coach for a specific project. In this case, Carol reviews a project proposal/description and serves as a consultant throughout the project. This makes it possible for those conducting Social Story research, or other authors, to ensure that their information is accurate and that any Social Stories that are involved meet all of the latest defining criteria and standards.

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